Some information about Office storage

Office Furniture view of storage in our warehouse

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Office Furniture filing cabinets

Standard filing cabinets, in metal with 2, three or 4 drawers

Office Furniture lateral cabinets

Lateral and Side filers. The drawers hold 2 sets of files or 1 set sideways one

Office Furniture multidrawer cabinets

Multidrawer cabinets for all your bits and pieces, labels atc

Office Furniture wooden filing cabinets

Wooden Filing cabinets, solid wood or laminates

Office Furniture metal srorage cupboard

Standard metal cupboards

Office Furniture tambour front cupboard

Tambour front (roller shutter type) save space

Office Furniture tambour front cupbaords

Tambour fronts can be from the top as well as the side

Office Furniture tambour front with lateral filers

Tambour front cupboards can have shelving or lateral filers, or a mix of the two

Office Furniture free standing pedestal

Freestanding pedestals can be very usefull for individual storage

Office Furniture executive storage

Executive storage is generally solid wood, with tambours or solid doors

Office Furniture fireproof safe

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Office Furniture firesafe

Firesafes protect documents from heat and water for a limited time. Generally rated as 1 or 2 hours

Office Furniture media safes

Media safes are designed to protect computer media, such as backup tapes

Office Furniture lockers

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Office Furniture dirty clean lockers

Lockers come in many different styles, these are dirty clean with seperate full length compartments

Office Furniture full length lockers

Single door full length for clothing

Office Furniture multi door lockers

Smaller multi lockers

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